D R O G A S Light – Lupe’ Fiasco

Lupe’ Fiasco is back with DROGAS Light. After several posts alleging that Lupe’ was retiring from the game, this album drops.

I must admit that Lupe’ was putting out sleepers for awhile, IMO. I have always been a fan of Lupe’. I liked his stance on certain subjects, his fearlessness when came to speaking his mind and his lyrical prowess. After awhile, I think, being in the industry takes a tole on artists like this and they tend to become a recluse and begin to HATE what they once loved. True fans understand but we’re the ones who tend to suffer because we’re left with listening to the same old album over and over and other artists who over saturate the game.

I’m happy to see that Lupe’ is back like he never left. The album opens with a banger and lead into NGL featuring Ty Dolla $ign and moves into other features with Rick Ross, Big K.R.I.T.  & others.

This is a solid project. The production is A1! Most conscious rappers tend to lean towards softer more solemn beats; Lupe’ brought the heat with this one!

“Woah” Tana Rocks ***New Music Alert*** [@TanaRocks_3ye]


After a long hiatus from the music scene super creative Tana Rocks drops “Woah”;  a catchy track with an infectious beat. The cocky rapper spits about hitting a “Gay girl but her sex was straight.” Tana is definitely feeling himself on Woah. With much anticipation he will be in concert with Famous Dex this Friday!! I hope you’re prepared to sweat weaves and have Afropuffs like R-A-G-E!! LOL!

Download Woah HERE

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IG: @Tanarocks_3ye

Twitter: @Tanarocks_3ye

Music Monday:: StiLLicon Valley: Ill-it Records Cypher [VID]

Featuring Ill-it Records artists: Speek Eazy, Kimbro, Young Observe & Chris Prythm.


Russ Hall – Sweet Nothings [VID] @russhall

I’ve literally watched this video EVERYDAY since it dropped. I love the cool vibe and lyrical word play of Mr. Russ Hall. He’s definitely one of Cleveland’s coolest to do it!

T.E.T. Entertainment Presents: Sunday Dinner Cypher 2: Second Edition | Aphiniti [@Aphiniti718]

Check out our host and FEATURED artist of the Sunday Dinner Cypher 2: Aphiniti

Video shot and edited by Hip Hop Digital, hosted by Aphiniti, Ms. Cream of the Crop, and DJ Stroke!

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