Ellenā€™s Emotional Reminder to Celebrate Life Every Day

In the wake of the news of Kobe Bryant’s passing along with his 13yr old daughter, Gigi and 7 other passengers, the world seems like it’s almost at a standstill. No matter how many times you read a Tweet, scroll past and Instagram post or watch the news; these untimely deaths seem surreal.

Most of us are at a loss for words full of many tears. Kobe Bryant was and still is an inspiration to us all; whether you grew up with him like I did, you were a kid emulating his moves or just a fan of his hardwork and effort.

We don’t when or where we’ll be when it’s our time to pass on. Until then love each, hug each other, and tell someone you love them!

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I Am Strong…


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Sometimes you have to remind yourself just how strong you are! You’ve overcome TONS of obstacles and SURVIVED…you MADE it!

Through it all you came out on top! Will there be other tests that you will have to face? Of course! Will they seem worse than the ones you’ve already overcome? Of course! But, you’ll come out on top! The tests get harder because you’ve already proven what you’re capable of handling.

Be strong, not stupid; tackle each day with the strength and knowledge that you’ve gained from yesterday!
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Circle The City with Love #RNCinCLE

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Cleveland is the city where we come from so run! Run!

Violence has riddled our city for the past couple of years. We’re not new to hearing news story after news story, reading Social Media post after Social Media posts of someone/people being shot. The Black community has been greatly affected with senseless violence. Between fighting/killing each other to being killed by police, things have taken a turn for the worse!

Turn on the TV, open your Apps and you’re numbed by the news of another Black man killed at the hands of the police…Another…then Another…!! Why? Why are we targets?

Protests ensue, shots ring out and the latest news update: Cops Killed in Dallas!

Circle the City with Love…what…Love…?

The mission of Circle the City with Love – Cleveland 2016 was to embody the power of loveĀ that brings peace and justice to our city, our country and our world through the simple act of holding hands and standing together as oneĀ in intentional silence at an important moment in our history.

The idea for this event originated with SisterĀ Rita Petruziello, inspired by the song

“Circle the City with Love.”

As the founding director of Riverā€™s Edge in Cleveland , a Congregation of St Joseph sponsored ministry,

SisterĀ Rita wanted to demonstrate the ministry’s mission of “personal and societal transformation so that all life will thrive.”

July 17, 2016 was 85 degrees of stifling humidity; over 1k of us stood in our diverse glory holding hands on Hope Memorial Bridge for 30 mins in silence, in the name of Love. Our Human chain was fueled with bagels stuffed with Humus and Cucumbers, warm bottles of water and sprays of sunscreen glistened off of our sunbathed limbs. We stood for Humanity, Hope, injustice, Peace, and Love. Standing in silence with my family, 216 The Beat Family and strangers turned family, felt more powerful than I imagined.

The blow-horns blared signaling the end of our Stand for Love…it ended with hugs, handshakes and a few tears.

We stood and continue to stand for Love!


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States of Love…jewelry with a purpose

States of Love is a new jewelry collection with a great purpose. Three friends joined together to help those in need.

After the devastation of the April 2011 tornadoes in Alabama, Jen Boaz & Maxine Orange Bern created the Alabama Forever necklace, with all proceeds going towards the Alabama Forever Foundation, a non-profit charity created by their friend Alex Sokol to help rebuild Alabama.

With the overwhelming success of the Alabama Forever necklace, these three have joined forces and created a complete collection. A portion of the proceeds of each necklace will contribute to a different charity that is related to its design.

Maxine Orange Bern is an artist in Destin, Florida.

Jen Boaz is a jewelry designer in Atlanta, Georgia.Ā 

Alex Sokol is the founder of the Alabama Forever foundation in Birmingham, Alabama.Ā