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past tense: intoxicated; past participle: intoxicated
(of alcoholic drink or a drug) cause (someone) to lose control of their faculties or behavior.
Intoxicated America, the album. Hosted by MJ the DJ. Executive Producer by Rxkstxr. Featuring TanaRocks and Rxkstxr.
Psychedelic rap is the best way to describe Intoxicated America. The next soundtrack to Project X II. Half naked girls pillow fighting in dorm rooms, taking bathroom selfies, and twerking in Vine videos. Guys who want more in a girl but will take the party girl for now because they’re…well they’re fun!!!
If you’re looking for a lyrically filled album with positive metaphors this isn’t the album for you. IA is filled with party beats that don’t fit into the “trap rap” category or the “alternative” category, it’s just Intoxicated music. It’s obvious that the guest producers and featured artists were hand picked to be apart of the album. IA is a cohesive blend of dope production that doesn’t consist of the same radio formula that’s constantly shoved down our throats. The featured artist were just that…featured! You know those albums that have so many features you can’t remember whose album it is and you’re convinced it’s a compilation.
TanaRocks spits his lyrically gifted tongue over each producer’s beats giving you witty punch lines and new millennium hippie jiggin’. Although, Rxkstxr may not be as lyrical as TanaRocks he still holds his own on IA with a few punch lines here and there while describing his party and sex life.
Download IA if you’re looking for a soundtrack to a sex, drugs, and RapRock N Roll filled night.

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Go to to DL ‘Intoxicated America‘. It drops tomorrow on July 4th

Here’s my favorite track: “All the Girls” featuring Snoopy Symone Produced by: BigHead Dez



Was Ginuwine Tweakin’?!!!

R&B group TGT (Tyrese, Ginuwine, and Tank) performed their new single, “I Need” from their album, “3 Kings” on WLNY’s morning news show The Couch. Tyrese seemed to be irritated with Ginuwine, Tank seemed to be tickled by the situation and Ginuwine…well he seemed to be in another “space”.  Speculations are that he was “Tweaking” during that performance and may be back to using recreational drugs. He has spoken in the past in regards to having a drug problem that he once overcame back in 2005. Let’s keep him and his family in our prayers if this rumor is found to be true. I was happy to see that the guys were able to take to Twitter and joke about the entire situation.

Read Tweets here

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