#GoodGuysExclusive Dj StephFloss & 8081Meel Presents – @ShuicideHolla X Dej Loaf

Shuicide Holla Dej Loaf

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Cleveland’s Version of the #XXL #Freshmen10 | #LeadersOfTheNewSchool feat: @ShuicideHolla [VID]

You saw all of the promo before the show…posters plastered all over the city…the post show IG videos…post show photos and you were secretly mad yourself for NOT making it out to the Grog Shop to witness one of the DOPEST shows of the summer!!

Hahahahaha….it’s okaaaaay here’s the recap…you’re welcome! Enjoy!!

#HotNewMusic @ShuicideHolla “Sophmore Year” Pt.2 [Stream/Download]

Shuicide Holla Sophmore Pt2 coverSophmore Pt2 Back

I know you’ve been tuned into Z107.9 waiting to hear this guy Shuicide Holla just to see what all the buzz is about. He’s made it simple for you…those freestyle tracks you’ve been hearing, a few of those collabs you’ve been trying to figure out where the download links were hidden…they’re all packaged together for you on Sophmore Year Pt.2


#YouGoGIRL: Tropikana of #Z1079 (VID)

You Go GIRL means Grinding in Real Life. lilD sat down with Tropikana of Cleveland’s Z107.9 to discuss her rise to the top, and her non-stop hustle.

Happy Cinco De Mayo!!!

Dockside_cinco-de-mayoCinco de Mayo is probably the holiday most often celebrated that no one understands. What’s it all about? How is it celebrated? What does it mean to Mexicans? Here are the answers in a handy guide.

What is Cinco de Mayo?:

Literally “the Fifth of May,” Cinco de Mayo is a Mexican Holiday celebrating the Battle of Puebla, which took place on May 5, 1862. In 1861, France sent a massive army to invade Mexico, as they wanted to collect on some war debts. The French army was much larger, better trained and equipped than the Mexicans struggling to defend the road to Mexico City. It rolled through Mexico until it reached Puebla, where the Mexicans made a valiant stand, and, against all logic, won a huge victory. It was short-lived, as the French army regrouped and continued; eventually taking Mexico City, but the euphoria of an unlikely victory against overwhelming odds is remembered every May fifth.

Isn’t it Mexico’s Independence Day?:

That’s a common misconception. Mexico celebrates its independence on September 16, because it was on that day in 1810 that Father Miguel Hidalgo took to his pulpit in the village church of the town of Dolores and invited his flock to take up arms and join him in overthrowing Spanish tyranny. Independence Day is a very important holiday in Mexico and not to be confused with Cinco de Mayo.

How Big a Deal is Cinco de Mayo?:

Cinco de Mayo is a big deal in Puebla, where the famous battle took place but it really isn’t as important as most people think. September 16, Independence Day, is a much more important holiday in Mexico. For some reason, Cinco de Mayo is celebrated more in the United States of America, by Mexicans and Americans alike, than it is in Mexico. One theory for why it is more popular in the USA is that at one time, it was celebrated in all of Mexico and by Mexicans living in former Mexican territories such as Texas and California. It was ignored in Mexico after a while but still celebrated north of the border, which never got out of the habit of remembering the famous battle.

How is Cinco de Mayo Celebrated?:

In Puebla and in many USA cities with large Mexican populations, there are parades, dancing and festivals. Traditional Mexican food is often served or sold. Mariachi bands fill town squares, and a lot of Dos Equis and Corona beers are served. It’s a fun holiday, really more about celebrating the Mexican way of life than about remembering a battle which happened 150 years ago. It is sometimes referred to as a “Mexican St. Patrick’s Day.” In the USA, schoolchildren do units on the holiday, decorate their classrooms and try their hand at cooking some basic Mexican foods. All over the world, Mexican restaurants bring in Mariachi bands and offer specials for what’s almost certain to be a packed house.

How Can I Host a Cinco de Mayo Party?:

It’s easy to host a Cinco de Mayo party! Making basic Mexican food like salsa and burritos is not too complicated, add some decorations and mix some Margaritas and you’re good to go. Look at the links listed below for recipes, decorations and more valuable Cinco de Mayo information from About.com’s team of writers!
Christopher Minster
About.com Latin American History

Best Places to Celebrate Cinco De Mayo

In Cleveland, OH


Tequila Ranch
1229 West 6th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44113

Hours: Thurs to Sat – 9 p.m. to 2:30am

Zocalo Mexican Grill & Tequileria
2071 East 4th St.
Cleveland, Ohio 44115

Hours: Mon to Thurs – 11:30 a.m. to 10 p.m., Fri to Sat – 11:30 a.m. to 12 a.m.

Johnny Mango’s
3120 Bridge Ave.
Cleveland, Ohio 44113
www.jmango.com Hours: Mon to Thurs – 11 a.m. to 10 p.m., Fri – 11 a.m. to 11 p.m., Sat – 9 a.m. to 11 p.m., Sun – 9 a.m. to 10 p.m.  (Bar open daily until 1 a.m.



Who are the #KushNERDS ? (TRK)

The KushNERDS recently debuted their website www.KushNERDS.com  along with 3 new singles from each of their artists: ZuP, Veeno & Patrenzo Kennedy; along with new merchandise on 4/20.
There are currently only 3 T-shirts in their line at the moment but I would describe them as “Simple Dopeness”…yes I made that up and I’d like my 10% for usage of said phrase! Lol!  One of my favorite T’s is the one shown below featuring Mark Price. If you’re from Cleveland then you know the story behind this Cleveland Cavaliers legend. The T’s and other merchandise can be purchased here: store.kushnerds.com


KushNERD artist Veeno releases his first single “UAMB” since dropping his debut album “Myself as I Know It” in August of 2013. UAMB is produced by fellow KushNERD Patrenzo Kennedy and is a raw, gritty track with Veeno dropping lines about underachieving as a teen and how music and bleezers bring out the best of him in the worst times. UAMB = Underachievers And Mad Bleezers.
Veeno just keeps getting better and better! His wordplay, catchy phrases, and ability to ride the beat has certainly improved since his last project and the very first. He is the epitome of ‘doing what you love and working towards making yourself the best’. He may not be nominated or considered Lyricist of the year but he certainly lets you feel him through his songs and if you can’t respect where he’s come from and where he’s going you my friend are a robot. This track has somewhat of an EDM feel to it which is such a breath of fresh air from “Trap Music”. Take a listen and download the track if you’re feeling it…leave a comment as well.
Veeno – UAMB (Produced by Patrenzo Kennedy)
Follow them on Twitter: @VeenoHAMZ @PatrenzoK



noun \ˈtra-jə-dē\

: a very bad event that causes great sadness and often involves someone’s death

: a very sad, unfortunate, or upsetting situation : something that causes strong feelings of sadness or regret

: a play, movie, etc., that is serious and has a sad ending (such as the death of the main character)

“Sometimes in tragedy we find our life’s purpose. When you go through tragedy you can either let it destroy you and you become biter and you never let it go, or you can let it make you stronger and let it make you grow”- Evanescence

On ‘Blue Lines’ Zup let’s you in on the loss of his unborn child; the joy of finding out, and the pain of the loss. I almost turned the track off midway through because of all of the emotions that this track exuded but I held on until the end. There aren’t many words that need to be said that the track doesn’t speak for itself. Take a listen, download, and comment.

ZuP – Blue Lines Ft. Mark Leach (Prod. by Mik3o)
iTunes: https://itunes.apple.com/us/album/blue-lines-feat.-mark-leach/id866178161

Follow them on Twitter: @MrZuP @markleachmusic @Mik3oProd


In pure Nerd fashion this track opens up with a WWE Wrestling clip then transforms into a synthy (yes another word I made up…remember my 10%, Lol!) Hip Hop beat. Nice fun track, definitely something to jig to if you aren’t afraid of getting a lil’ Nerdy!! Hahahaha! Too bad there wasn’t a DL link but you can stream it below and leave a comment.
Patrenzo Kennedy – New Age Outlaws Ft. Veeno & Ray Gibson
Follow them on Twitter: @PatrenzoK @VeenoHAMZ @Ray_Gibson216