A Day Worth Celebrating

Today marks the 1yr Anniversary of the day I almost lost my Mom. I keep my private life…private. However, I am aware that sharing SOME things can help others better understand who you are and what you’ve overcome.

One Hospital Stay at a Time

Today is also my Syd’s Birthday. Last year while out shopping for Syd’s gift with my Hailey; my phone rang. It was my sister. She was crying hysterically and trying to tell me something. I immediately went into big sister mode, remained calm, told her to breathe and tell me what’s going on. She replied, “Mom was in an accident and they had to life flight her to the hospital!” In that moment, I wanted to scream, cry and do all the things you’ve supposed to do when you get that type of news. I had to remain calm. I was in the middle of the store holding my daughter’s gifts, my Hailey was with me and my Sister was already in shambles. I had to be a Big Sister, Mom and Daughter at the same time.

Once things calmed down, (how calm could they REALLY get?), my sister called me from the hospital.

My Mom was hit head on by a Jeep. The collision knocked her  into on coming traffic, where she was hit, again, head on by another car. The 2nd collision sent her over a 15ft embankment.

Almost every bone in Mom’s body was broken from her shoulders down. My Mom was bed ridden in the hospital, she had to undergo several surgeries, she then spent a few months in a nursing home and had to go to therapy to learn how to walk and use her arms again.

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All of this was happening while my Great Aunt and Mom-n-Law were also in the hospital. We couldn’t visit anyone because of the Covid restrictions. My Mom lives in North Carolina. The only way I could “visit” her was through FaceTime when her nurse or my Sister was available to help with the phone.

My Mom is a SUPER Christian and we share a bunch of inside jokes…well, they’re my jokes but she always laughs at them. I told her since she is a Sergeant in the Army of the Lord it helped her win this battle. Lol!

I was going through a tremendous amount at this time. Somehow, I remained calm on the outside. I had to…I’m a Mom, a Big Sister and a Daughter.

This is all I’ll share for now… Hold your loved ones close (no matter who you consider a loved one), check up on them, tell them you love them and practice Self-care.

🤍 Cream