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Our excitement can’t be contained with regards to you choosing to join us for this fun and messy learning experience!

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Happy National Vision Board Day 2019

My fellow Women Entrepreneurs & I got a jumpstart on our vision for 2019 back in November. But, in celebration of today I thought I’d post these #BTS photos.
📸: @rlamarphotos


#NationalVisionBoardDay is observed annually on the second Saturday in #January.

Vision board parties began in 2010 between a group of friends as a way for people to get together in a fun environment to set goals, cast vision and dream out loud in a tangible way by creating vision boards they then mount on their walls. Seeing their hopes and dreams helps set in motion for these visions to become a reality. Many #actors, #musicians, #fashion and #entertainment-based people have been participating in this since it’s inception. #VisionBoards help people remember their goals and visions on a daily basis.

Putting Glitter on N.Y.A. Marie’s Name

I had the pleasure of sitting down with N.Y.A. Marie at the Temple of Passion #WonderWomen event last year, 2018. We discussed her new project, upcoming projects and her transition to becoming the Woman she is today.

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Happy 2K19

Happy New Year!!!

Do whatever you need to do to make YOUR life better for YOU! Don’t allow anyone’s complaints about resolutions, affirmations or whatever else you decide to share stop YOU from setting/achieving those goals.

One of the keys to my success is:
I’m upfront about what I want from life and others. I let people know what I need in order for _____ to work for ME.
No one is going to take care of you or your business better than YOU.
Once you’ve made the decision to be a better person to YOURSELF, you will attract the people who are supposed to be around you.
Why? Because they’re on the same path as you.

Those who want better for themselves also want better for others. Those who want better for themselves seek out those who have positive vibes only. Like attracts like…

Have an AMAZING 2K19!!!


Version 2 Hustle Island Contest Tshirt MS. CREAM OF THE CROP


The inspiration behind my design:  All of my fellow Entrepreneurs who want to succeed as bad as they want to BREATHE, those of us who are always on the HUNT for our next opportunity, the Entrepreneurs who HUSTLE to get it done by all means necessary and the ones who wake up everyday just do it all over again (REPEAT)!

My Interview with Hustle Island

I am always grateful for new opportunities to tell my story, bring awareness to my brand and allow others to get to know me a little more. When I received the email from Hustle Island in regards to offering interviews with fellow Entrepreneurs, I quickly responded!

Take a few minutes to check out my short interview and let me know your thoughts on my responses (negativity will be blocked and deleted).

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